Traditional Czech spa wafers with your own embossed motive

Traditional Czech spa wafers
with your own embossed motive

Wafers | You can choose from many options


we prepare your individual graphics
high resolution design - thinnest line 1 mm
one- or double-sided motive possible

Branded spa wafers - motives
(universal grid on backside)
(the same or another motive on backside)


basic diametr from 120 mm to 180 mm
MiNIwafers 40 mm only. Small sweet morsel for example attached to cup of coffee, tea etc.

Branded spa wafers - size


round, square or another tailor made shape

Branded spa wafers - shapes


wafers with added food colouring

Branded spa wafers - colours

Filling flavours

dry baked
nutty, cocoa, vanilla, lemon, apple-cinnamon, coconut
cream based

We can develope flavour and aroma according to your wish, for example liquere flavour.

We can produce also salty flavours!
Salty wafers are produced without filling.


according to the ordered amounts
baking embossing die 11.900 CZK (450 EUR)
(one-time investment, not paid with repeated offers)
one piece of wafer price range in singles CZK
we produce from 150 packaging or 500 pieces of wafers

Delivery terms

4 – 5 weeks according to amount
guaranteed storage period 6 months

Packaging and distribution | According to your request

Packaging - boxes

standard: paper box with laminate surface
individual design printing by your reguest
common packaging: 5 - 8 pcs per box
individual production: tin, wood and other material boxes

Branded spa wafers - packaging - boxes

Piece packaging

one piece packaging is possible
transparent foil with or without print

Branded spa wafers - piece packaging

Distribution - heaters

we sell and rent special wafer heaters
full service of wafer distribution for your promotion
(hostess, heater, accessories, transport)

Professional wafer heater - doubleplated
professional wafer heater (doubleplated)
Branded spa wafer - heating showcase
heating showcase
(for quick distribution )

Distriburion - hot wafers to eat

Heated wafers taste best and smell great!
paper cone with individual printing
napking with logotype (max 2 colors print)

Branded spa wafers - paper cone or napkin